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Simplifying Plant Management

We are branching from social marketing to plant management. Our community of users has long asked for a solution to plan, schedule, analyze, and maintain their plant fronds. Now you can grow your plants while you grow your business with PLANTOLY.

Discover more about our budding new features!

Track plant growth and make sure you're hitting your new bud goals with PLANTalyze

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Plan a watering schedule based on your plants’ unique needs

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Schedule reminders so you never forget to water your plants again 

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You just got April Fool'ed

As much as our team loves plants, we'll be sticking to what we do best - simplifying social marketing. We appreciate your enthusiasm so we're offering 30% off when you sign up for an annual plan with code: plantoly

*Available until 4/31/22 when you sign up on planoly.com.




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Learn more about the benefits of using PLANOLY

We’ve helped over 5 million brands and businesses reach their social media marketing goals! 

Sakara Life

"PLANOLY is instrumental in the organization of our social content, particularly for our Instagram feed.



Kora Organics

"PLANOLY has been a huge support for keeping our grid both beautiful and timely. I absolutely love it and can’t imagine my work without it!"


Kora Organics

Marianna Hewitt

"I try to always post content to Instagram first thing in the morning, so I’ll take a look through PLANOLY, an app I use to plan my feed, and decide which post goes up that day."