Your End-to-End Video Planning Tool

Video planning shouldn't be so complicated. We've partnered with social media managers and content creators to build a tool to help you plan and organize your video content for TikTok - all in one place. 


Your All-In-One Video Planner for TikTok

Easily plan your TikTok content all in one place. Focus on growing any business you manage instead of updating planning tools. 

  • Upload and plan video content all in one place.
  • Draft the perfect caption, audio, and hashtags for each video.
  • Spend more time creating content and less time managing & updating all of your video planning tools.

"There are not a lot of support tools that are all-encompassing for social media managers that help with multiple aspects of their business, so I think Video Planner will be great for the industry as a whole."

Sydney McDonald, Social Media Coach & Video Planner Advisor

How Video Planner Works

From finding the latest trends to scheduling content to post - utilize PLANOLY's suite of video planning tools to help you every step of the way.

  • Link your TikTok account to PLANOLY
  • Upload video content
  • Draft captions, hashtags & add audio URLs
  • Utilize PLANOLY's weekly trending video recommendations
  • Get alerted when it’s time to post
  • Seamlessly post on the go from the PLANOLY Mobile App

Ready to take your video content to the next level? 

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Looking for more video planning features?

We're just getting started with new features releasing all summer long.


Can I try the Video Planner for free?

Yes! We offer a free version of Video Planner with limited features. You can also start a free 7-day trial to test out all features and functionality.

How do I access the Video Planner?

Create an account on PLANOLY, then link your TikTok account to get started with video planning.

Will auto-post be available for TikTok?

At this time, we do not offer auto-posting for TikTok. We do offer reminder notifications via our Mobile App, so it's easy to post on the go. We are continuously adding new features and functionality, so stay tuned!

Will the Video Planner recommend video content I should post?

With a paid plan, you will have access to our weekly curated trend recommendations directly in the PLANOLY social calendar on your account.