Sellit Overview

Sell Anywhere, Instantly

Take your products & services to the next level and transform a single link into a digital storefront. 

Create a shoppable gallery that can be shared anywhere to drive conversions for online courses, digital assets, and more.


Requires a paid plan with PLANOLY. Additional transaction fees may apply.

Here's What You Can Do with Sellit

Easily Monetize Your Content & Services

Say goodbye to managing a full eCommerce website. Upload your products (including digital files!) to Sellit & connect to Stripe for payments.

Automatically send digital files to your customers post-purchase.


Manage Sellit
Share Sellit via Text

Share Your Store, Anywhere

Your Sellit page is your customers’ central hub to easily find and purchase your products. 

Share your store on social media, your link in bio, an email to your contacts, a text message to a friend, or drop your Sellit URL anywhere a link can be inserted.


Sell Digital Goods

From digital art prints to online courses, Sellit allows you to convert customers and automatically send pdf files post-purchase.

Sellit Digital Goods

Promote Online Classes

Drive sign-ups for upcoming webinars or classes, then send instructions to join automatically post-purchase.

Sellit Online Classes

Create a Virtual Tip Jar

Easily share your Sellit page while creating exclusive content for your followers on social.

Sellit Virtual Tip Jar

Linkit or Sellit

Want to understand if Linkit or Sellit is a better fit for your business?
Compare the features of Linkit and Sellit below.