Learn the ins and outs of PLANOLY’s features, tools, and products to become a planning pro. PLANOLY Academy allows you to watch our tutorials at your own pace, learn whenever (and wherever!), and discover all things PLANOLY to help simplify your social media marketing.

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Instagram Planner

IG Planner is our visual planning tool for your Instagram content. It helps you work smarter, not harder when it comes to your social marketing strategy by helping you draft, plan, schedule, measure, monetize, & publish your Instagram content.

Pin Planner

Pin Planner is our planning tool for your Pinterest content. It helps you strategically map out weeks worth of content in just minutes. Plus, our website desktop allows you to create campaigns for your Pins - easily, effortlessly, and on cruise control.

PLANOLY Academy - Landing Page - Pin Planner
PLANOLY Academy - Landing Page - sellit


Sellit is a tool in PLANOLY that transforms a single link into a social storefront - all without the need of a website. Sell almost anything to anyone with a single click.