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A PLANOLY Case Study with Camille Styles, Editor & Chief of Camille Styles
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The Story

Camille Styles believes a beautiful life is possible for everyone. An event planner turned media entrepreneur and editor-in-chief, her lifestyle site and brand, Camille Styles, is all about empowering its readers to live their happiest and healthiest lives. From hosting meaningful gatherings to inspiring creativity in the kitchen and designing the home you dream about, the site’s daily content empowers its community to find joy in the everyday moments.

The Problem

With new social platforms coming to the market all the time, there are many places to create and publish content. Camille and the team felt torn between the various platforms they could be spending their time on social. They only had so many hours in the day and social media was taking up a lot of it. As grew, the team asked themselves, “How can we make the most of all the benefits of social media without becoming imprisoned by the constant scrolling, monitoring, and posting?” They wanted to harness the positives that social media offered, so they knew they had to prioritize and streamline. To accomplish this, they created stronger boundaries and an organizational strategy that relied on scheduling out their social content to meet their evolving needs.

“From concepting to analyzing results, PLANOLY is integral to every step in our social media strategy."

Camille Styles, editor & chief of Camille Styles

The Solution

PLANOLY helped Camille & team create stronger boundaries with social media and help keep their social strategy deliberate by planning content in advance. Camille time-batches, meaning she spends about 15-30 minutes per day on social media to get inspiration and stay informed by others' content. This allows her to take breaks from social media since planning content all happens on PLANOLY. From visually planning their Instagram grid to curating captions, PLANOLY keeps the team focused and remain on one platform.

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Discover the Latest Social Trends & Best Practices from PLANOLY’s Blog Content

The nature of social media is ever evolving and Camille and her team know this. In order to stay on top of the latest social media trends and best practices, Camille and her team rely on PLANOLY's blog content for staying informed. Camille shares, “I really love how PLANOLY continues to create the most cutting-edge and up to date resources on best practices across social platforms. It’s my team’s #1 consulted source as we’re looking at current best practices.”

“By giving us the tools to plan ahead and collaborate, PLANOLY helps our team maximize creativity and storytelling throughout our content.”

Camille Styles, editor & chief of Camille Styles

The Results

PLANOLY helped Camille Styles and her team hold their social media boundaries and optimize their social media strategy. This resulted in strong results for their brand and created a space of less anxiety and stress. Social media now remains a positive place for Camille and her team. They’re able to save more time on planning and get back to creating more beautiful, meaningful, and inspirational content.

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PLANOLY has been game-changing for our social media strategy. We’re able to plan content in advance, draft ideas, and gain new insights about our posts, all in one simple tool our whole team can access.”

Camille Styles, editor & chief of Camille Styles