Mom and Dad Knows Best

A marketing-centric roundtable with the founders of STATE Bags, Jacqueline and Scot Tatelman, as well as the Founder of Sun and Lace, Briana, speaking about curating/creating conscious products and storytelling for parents, using social media effectively, as well as the current climate.

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Building Community On TikTok: In Conversation With TikTok Tastemakers

We opened the PLANOLY Presents: Video Planner series with a panel discussion and Q&A about how to leverage video content to build community on social media! Check out the session recording below.


The time for TikTok is now! We had an engaging chat with Candice Edwards, Vice President of Marketing at PLANOLY and panelists Josh Hilliard, Global Head of Small and Medium Business Marketing at TikTok, Shanika Hillocks, Brand Strategy and Marketing Consultant, and Hannah McGough, Founder & CEO of Banana Brands.

Our industry-leading panelists shared how they've leveraged video content to build an authentic presence—and community—on TikTok and provide tips so you can do the same.

  • Best practices for leveraging video to build a community (and strategy)
  • Tips for overcoming video content creation pain points, challenges, and hurdles

About The Panelists

  • Candice Edwards
    Candice Edwards
  • Josh Hilliard
    Josh Hilliard
  • Shanika Hillocks
    Shanika Hillocks
    Shanika Hillocks, Inc.
  • Hannah McGough
    Hannah McGough
    Banana Brands