Mom and Dad Knows Best

A marketing-centric roundtable with the founders of STATE Bags, Jacqueline and Scot Tatelman, as well as the Founder of Sun and Lace, Briana, speaking about curating/creating conscious products and storytelling for parents, using social media effectively, as well as the current climate.

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Personify Your Product: Humanize Your Brand Through Social Video

Do you want to put a face to a (brand) name? Join us for a content workshop led by Zaria Parvez, Social Media Coordinator at Duolingo. Zaria will share how to humanize your brand through social video. She’ll also share insights into Duolingo’s viral video strategy and a few tricks for building community through commenting.


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Meet The Speaker


Zaria Parvez

Social Media Coordinator, Duolingo

I once won the Lunchables Nationwide Contest. The grand prize was $1 million, but I only got $1 (fine print: 1 million people get $1…scam or be scammed, I guess). Regardless, I bought a pack of M&M’s and couldn’t have been happier. Lesson? You gotta be optimistic because you never know when free chocolate is coming your way.
Ever since, optimism has been a core belief of mine because it can only bring about new ideas, creative thinking and a lil’ spice in my life.
I believe social strategy is about walking in someone else’s shoes. Understanding different world views and finding the insight that connects us - regardless of the shoes we wear - is crucial.
Currently, I’m the crazy green owl at Duolingo. We’ve recently been named AdAge’s Top 5 Brand TikTok accounts. You can read more about my most recent success with Duolingo’s TikTok on NBC, The Information, The Independent, Link in Bio, Business Insider, Rolling Stone and other outlets!



January 19, 2022 @ 12 pm EST

Join Instagram, Megababe, Candace Stewart and PLANOLY in a live discussion about utilizing video content to build a community.

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Find Your (Re)Purpose: Utilizing Social Video Content Across Channels

February 2, 2022 @ 1pm EST

Gabby Phi, Freelance Marketing Consultant + Social Media + Partnerships Lead for INKA, will share how to repurpose your content across multiple channels.

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Make Moves: Transitions, Trends, and Tips for Social Video

February 9, 2022 @ 12pm EST

Courtney Park, Founder + Social Media Manager of Cultivate Socials, will dive into the importance of utilizing video trends for building an audience—and going viral.

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It’s Reels Easy: Using PLANOLY’s Reels Planner

February 16, 2022 @ 12pm EST

Phoebe Sherman, Founder of Girl Gang Craft, will share how to add reels to your social content strategy and how she seamlessly creates, schedules, and plan Reels content.

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