Mom and Dad Knows Best

A marketing-centric roundtable with the founders of STATE Bags, Jacqueline and Scot Tatelman, as well as the Founder of Sun and Lace, Briana, speaking about curating/creating conscious products and storytelling for parents, using social media effectively, as well as the current climate.

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Approachable Design-1-1

Approachable Design

A Digital Event Series

As we kick off the new year, PLANOLY is here to help take your visual storytelling to the next level. Join us for five weeks of creative workshops with industry-leading designers and brand builders.

Keep It Moving

Multimedia Master Class
With Sarah Boland of  Life Lapse

A creative workshop with Sarah Boland of Life Lapse. Sarah shared for creating multimedia content and effectively using it to educate and inspire your social media audience. We encourage you to download the Life Lapse app to use while following along in the workshop.

Meet The Speaker

Sarah Boland

Sarah Boland


Sarah Boland is the Founder and CEO of Life Lapse, the easiest stop motion app empowering small business owners, creators and influencers to create eye catching videos for social marketing using their phone. As a former professional videographer and marketer, Sarah helped brands create and integrate video into their social media strategies. She knows firsthand how expensive video marketing can be and set out to help small businesses make eye-catching videos using their phone by creating Life Lapse in 2017. Now, Life Lapse has over 1.6 million users from around the world.


Brand New World

This workshop will focus on branding your company. Heather Catania and Julia Broome of With Honors will share a foundational framework for building a brand style guide in the age of social media.

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That's My Type

This workshop will focus on developing your brand’s font system. Natalie Avalos of Threeologie will share tactical insights for developing your brand’s fonts and activating them across your brand’s visual and social media channels.
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Color Conversation

This workshop will focus on honing your brand’s color palette. Zipeng Zhu will share tactical tips for developing your brand’s color palette and activating it across different social media channels.
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StoriesEdit 101

This workshop will focus on using StoriesEdit by PLANOLY. Carra Sykes of PLANOLY will share a tutorial on our design tool, StoriesEdit, and tips for creating design-driven social content.
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