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Create & Cultivate | Last 60 Days

Create & Cultivate

Last 60 Days
December 10th, 2020 3PM EST

Make the last 60 days of 2020 count by joining Create & Cultivate during their 9 week curriculum crash course that is here to help prepare your mind, body, and business for 2021, and beyond. Each week will cover topics from goal setting to crowdfunding, but make sure to tune in on December 10th at 12PM PST to join our very own Teresa Day, SVP of Marketing at PLANOLY as she discusses how to visually plan, manage, and schedule your social media for maximum impact. Register at the link below and use the code: TERESAXL60D at checkout so you don’t miss out on 10% all courses and packages!

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How to use PLANOLY and Pinterest to boost traffic and simplify your Holiday Season planning

This holiday season looks a little different this year, and we’re here to help you plan & prep your Pinterest content! Join our free webinar, in partnership with Pinterest, to learn tips to best use PLANOLY's Pin Planner, monetize your content, and 2020 holiday trends + predictions.
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How to use PLANOLY and Pinterest to boost traffic and simplify your Holiday Season planning
PLANOLY Presents -  Back to School

Back to (Social) School

Join Us Every Week For PLANOLY Presents:
Back to (Social) School
A Digital Event Series

Back to school looks a little different this year – but in the spirit of growth and community – we're hosting our digital events again for entrepreneurial parents and business owners. Every week, you'll hear from thought leaders, founders, and changemakers.

Mom/Dad Knows Best

Building Next-Generation Children's Brands

Join us for a marketing roundtable with Jacqueline and Scot Tatelman of STATE Bags, and Briana of Sun and Lace. This conversation will feature their insights on curating/creating conscious products, storytelling for parents, using social media effectively, and navigating the current climate as small business owners.

Week 1 - Mom/Dad Knows Best
Week 2 copy

Parenting and Posting

Join us for our second Parenting and Posting roundtable discussion featuring insights from Sai De Silva of Scout the City, Suann Song of Appointed, and Amy Fraser of OKREAL. Our speakers will share how they've learned to manage their businesses, show up as active parents, and participate in broader societal conversations during this time.

Doing the Work

Diversity by Design

Join us for a diversity and inclusion roundtable with industry leader Olivia Owens of IFundWomen, Samar Younes of SHOWFIELDS, Kyra Seay of Bumble, and Christina Wells of PLANOLY. Our speakers will share more about the impact of design-led education on social, amplifying diverse voices and businesses, and how visual storytelling can be a tool in pushing essential conversations forward.

week 3 all space
Week 4

It Takes Two

Meet the Founder Duos Building Their Businesses and Lives Together

Join us for an entrepreneur roundtable with Colleen and Hailey Brooks of Highcourt and Abigail Stone and Sayyid Markar of Otherland. Our speakers will share their experiences running a business with their sibling and significant other, the logistics of forming a business partnership, and how they lean on each other to come out of this time fortified.

Meet Generation Ingenuity

Join us for a creative roundtable with Eryn Danielle of Allies Doing Work, Jordan Taylor of Medley, and Tareen Alam of PLANOLY. Our speakers will share how they are using the digital space to educate, inspire, and connect their communities—and empower the next generation.

week 5 all

Dallas Girl Gang Boss Vision Con

Join Teresa Day, Senior VP of Marketing at PLANOLY, and other experts during the panel Building a Powerful and Profitable Brand. The panel will focus on how to build a brand that is: unique, makes an impact, and is profitable.
Boss Vision Con - Teresa Day